Serious Podcasting Tools, Beginner to Experts

Many of you know we have been on a massive search in our quest for learning all we can about podcasting!  In our results we came across some wonderful tools that can either be downloaded for FREE or purchased without breaking your bank!  Read further along with us as we introduce you to some wonderful tools that we found!

Audacity -

Many of you are quite familiar with "Audacity" and some of its wonderful features that it has to offer!   For those of you who many not be familiar with it, I encourage you to download it and see for yourself how you can take your podcast into new heights and directions.  With many features that it has to offer you can put together a wonderful show and sound just like some of your favorite radio personalaities that you have become familiar with!  Whether you are looking to compile some music compilations or possibly do a voice over for a commercial of sorts, then you will want to take a closer look at this FREE program and download it today!  I have done quite a few of my show entrances with this program and have it quite easy to work with and truly tailor it to your desire.

Once you begin to use it you will see the unlimited possibilities that exist!  You never know you may just be the next great "Talk Show Host".  Never quit and begin to unleash the inner broadcast journalist that exist within each and every one of you!  Of course there are better ones available for a string of money.  However, for a FREE program you are not going to find any that are better than this one!

Epodcast Creator -

This unique and diversified program is a little more advance than that of what Audacity has to offer!  You can assign various music tracks or sound effects to have instant access to!  All on the screen and available for you to inject into your project!  Click Here to see this slick application in the works.

As you can see from our illustration provided here, Epodcast Creator is a very well put together program with a simple and easy to use interface!  Although from a mere screen shot it looks complicated, however, after downloading the trial version I seen many of the unlimited possibilities that exists with this application!

They have two versions of this program available one is an Epodcast Creator and the other is the Epodcast Producer.  Although, the producer series is quite a bit more money...I would personally recommend the Epodcast Creator which offers pretty much the same elements as their more expensive version.   Take a look at some of the features this quality program has to offer below!

  • Full podcast production- record, edit, upload your podcasts from a single program
  • Easy Drag & Drop capacity to load music & sound effects into the recorder, editor, or hot button keys
  • Quick single key access to 12 music and sound effects
  • Full iTunes support for publishing to the most popular podcast directory of them all
  • Complete editing studio to remove mistakes & professionally polish your sound

Have you seen enough?  Ready to download this application for yourself?  Click Here to download the free trial and see what possibilities exist with this wonderful desktop application!

Of course we will be focussing on many more product's and information as we grow!  Believe me, you will not to want to miss any of our blog posts or podcast for new and useful information.

We have no direct affiliation with any of the developers of the product's we have brought to your attention above!  These are merely item's that I have found for myself and wish to share each of them with you!


Podcasting & The Future

You won't want to miss tonight's "Live Call In Show".  We will be discussing where our future is taking us in relationship to podcasting!  Lot's of unique and interesting stuff to share with each of you!  Listen in and see what we will be talking about on tonight's live show being hosted on BlogTalkRadio.  Click Here to visit my broadcast site!


Where Is Our Media Future Heading

With our life's changing on a daily basis and the way that we choose to interact with others and obtain our information from, where do you see us going in the new realm of Internet media.  Is this just a fad or is it here to stay forever?  Interesting questions and definitely ones to ponder upon!

Seeing most people in today's times have little if any trust in the media provided on television it seems more and more are turning their attention to either audio/video media via the Internet or mill bloggers!  What is a mill blogger?  Simple....with so much going on around our world they are those people throughout various blogging sites that pick up on a wide range of topics and begin to write their own news reports on them.

With "Social Networking" growing at the pace that it is....it is no wonder that readership has turned to the Internet for nearly all of their sources of information!  Whether it news, weather, sports info or just the latest in gossip and other information.  An interesting question to think about is whether you see television becoming a thing of the past!  Statistics prove that more and more people spend a larger part of their free time in front of their computer's than that of the television sets.  Do you see this as being the case?

What is it exactly that drives us to take a higher stake in what is going on via the web?  Is it the fact that it provides each of us a way of interacting with the person or entity that provided the information, or is it that we feel we must have a closer tie and association from the source of where the information is being delivered from?  I suppose we could sit here all night and debate the inner workings and casues of the substantial growth in the Internet and various forms of media being provided for our entertainment!

What is important to focus upon is the fact that with the number's of people continuing to turn to the web for their information and for whatever reasons is certainly justification for me and my team to maintain our pace in trying to find our niche in the rich environment.  So, in conclusion do we see a rise in those who will more and more look for ways to work from the comfort of their home so that they can have more time to explore the vast amounts of information associated and direclty related to the Internet?  I certainly think so!  What do you think?

Let us know, we will be looking forward to hearing each of your comment's upon this highly controversial subject!


Learn More About Live Messenger

Are you looking for an innovative way to stay in contact with all of your loved ones?  Windows Live Messenger is that and a whole bunch more!  Listen to our audio below as well as read this post to learn all the wonderful benefits of have Windows Live Messenger on your desktop!

See for yourself just how useful this powerful Instant Messaging program really is!Live Messenger

  • Get connected

    Instantly connect to the people who matter the most—via text, voice, or video. Even if they’re offline, you can leave a message or send a note.
  • Take control

    Choose from a variety of status messages for any occasion. Use Windows Live Contacts to control your personal information—who sees it and what they see.
  • Share yourself

    Share your personal files, photos, and videos of any size. Just drag and drop into a Shared Folder.
  • Make a difference

    i’m™ is a new initiative from Windows Live Messenger. Every time you start a conversation using i’m, Microsoft shares a portion of the program's advertising revenue with some of the world's most effective organizations dedicated to social causes. We've set no cap on the amount we'll donate to each organization. The sky's the limit. There's no charge, so join now and put our money where your mouth is.

Click Here to get Windows Live Messenger today!


Listen To The Best

We are starting a new "BlogCast" where we will showcase the best of the best on "Live" talk radio via the Internet!  I will be showcasing my personal "BlogCast" that is directed to both Microsoft and my personal ventures.  Are you looking to have your own podcast brought to attention!  Look to us to work with you in getting your podcast or "Live Talk Show" listed upon our site!

In today's times we are leaning more and more to the Internet for our media!  Don't you think that yours should be listed among the best?  Start today and contact us and tell why your show should be on here!

We are looking to take this site into new heights and create a world wide listening of some of the finest media available today!

Listen to the sample below of how we are looking to take this site!  Believe me it will sooth the ears!  We look forward to working with each of you on a personal basis!  Let us know how we can assist you more!  Contact us today!