Where Is Our Media Future Heading

With our life's changing on a daily basis and the way that we choose to interact with others and obtain our information from, where do you see us going in the new realm of Internet media.  Is this just a fad or is it here to stay forever?  Interesting questions and definitely ones to ponder upon!

Seeing most people in today's times have little if any trust in the media provided on television it seems more and more are turning their attention to either audio/video media via the Internet or mill bloggers!  What is a mill blogger?  Simple....with so much going on around our world they are those people throughout various blogging sites that pick up on a wide range of topics and begin to write their own news reports on them.

With "Social Networking" growing at the pace that it is....it is no wonder that readership has turned to the Internet for nearly all of their sources of information!  Whether it news, weather, sports info or just the latest in gossip and other information.  An interesting question to think about is whether you see television becoming a thing of the past!  Statistics prove that more and more people spend a larger part of their free time in front of their computer's than that of the television sets.  Do you see this as being the case?

What is it exactly that drives us to take a higher stake in what is going on via the web?  Is it the fact that it provides each of us a way of interacting with the person or entity that provided the information, or is it that we feel we must have a closer tie and association from the source of where the information is being delivered from?  I suppose we could sit here all night and debate the inner workings and casues of the substantial growth in the Internet and various forms of media being provided for our entertainment!

What is important to focus upon is the fact that with the number's of people continuing to turn to the web for their information and for whatever reasons is certainly justification for me and my team to maintain our pace in trying to find our niche in the rich environment.  So, in conclusion do we see a rise in those who will more and more look for ways to work from the comfort of their home so that they can have more time to explore the vast amounts of information associated and direclty related to the Internet?  I certainly think so!  What do you think?

Let us know, we will be looking forward to hearing each of your comment's upon this highly controversial subject!