What Is In It For You

With so much being placed on whether or not HR 3200 passes, this is one time that every American from sea to shining sea should take notice and really start to ask some very serious questions of their representatives on The Hill.

At no other point in American history has so much been at stake that will adversely affect every life.  We have to band together to make our voices be heard.

Do not allow the AFLCIO, SEIU or Akon put their scare tactics into you and your decision.  We must stand united and firm in our stand to continue as a free society and keep our country from becoming a socialist republic.

Listen in as I give you a brief rundown of what is expected and anticipated.

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Stop Socialized Health Care

I want to welcome each of you the show!  There has been a lot of frenzy going on throughout the media with this push for "Socialized Health Care".  I have put together a small podcast that reflects mine and many other American peoples views on why we are against it.

In an era where people are struggling from day to day just to make ends meat, do you really want to increase your taxes?  Believe me....if this new health care bill passes we all can expect to pay more in taxes and the very sad part of it is that our health care system will not get any better.

I could sit here all day and provide you with links to outside sources that will tell you the same thing.....a nationally controlled health care system will take America straight to the bankruptcy courts and will not provide for you and your family any better than what you are doing now!  Is it really worth it?  Take a listen and see for yourself.  Under the current Obama Administration he suggests that this will provide health care for those who can not afford it.  Did I forget to mention that this new health care system will provide health care for millions of illegals and will, also, pay for Government sponsored abortions.  All facts.....

Listen for more information!


New Upcoming Show

We have been away for a while.  We are now looking to actively get back into our shows and providing you with some of the most interesting series that you can imagine!  Look for new and exicting things to come from us in the very near future.  You wont want to miss any one of them.