Podcasting and Its Future

On today's special broadcast, we discussed in what direction we believe that podcasting may be heading for in the future!  With podcasting becoming an ever increasingly popular way of delivering our media to the masses, do you still think that it will continue to enjoy success 5 years from now like it is in today's times.  These are interesting ideas and thoughts that we address in the segment!

Some of the important elements that we address is compression, bookmarking and accessability of bandwidth!  In a market of the masses that is driven for its need for relevant content podcasting will surely be here for us to enjoy for quite some time!

With the ever growing numbers of portable media players located in households around the world....is it possible that podcasting will suck up the remaining forms of media!  Before you know it items such a televisions, radios and most certainly printed material will soon become an item of our past!  Our we becoming the technologically advanced society that is being claimed by experts around the world or is this just another passing phad of sorts.

Listen in as we discuss this and many more items that will forever change the forecast of future podcasts by some of the talents that you are now accustomed to downloading and listening too!


Educating Our Children, Success or Failure

In this featured "Live Call In Show" we talked about our Country's inability to adequately educate our children!  Are we doing everything we can to ensure that our children are receiving the best education possible?  Listen in to are archived session of this compelling series.  It is a show and topic that you will not want to miss!

What is your opinion on how we are currently educating our children?  Drop us a line and let us know where we stand at in delivering the best quality education that our children deserve.


Tired of Politics

Are you tired of all the political talk in America?  We are going to be discussing a different topic on our "Live Call In Show" that is scheduled to air tomorrow at 10:30am CST.  We will be addressing why our children are not being taught the fundamentals they need to carry them into their adult life in our public school system's and what we as parent's can do to change that!

You will not want to miss this one!  Join with us live and share your thoughts and comments on this highly controversial subject!